“Church Planters who met with a mentor/coach weekly led churches that were more than twice the size of churches whose planters did not have a coach.”
— Ed Stetzer
Ed Stetzer

Today’s Church Planter faces unprecedented challenges. The complex and changing dynamics of family, theology, worship, marriage, time management, finances (just to name a few) can be overwhelming. The church planter often feels ill-equipped by his seminary education (if they went to seminary) to handle all these challenges and in many cases the pastor retreats into isolation and anxiety.

Our Church Planter Coaches understand these challenges because they are Church Planters too. Not only do they know the challenges they understand how God uses these very same challenges to be the catalyst by which the gospel transforms our hearts. Understanding that ministry is hard doesn’t set our coaching apart, but understanding how the gospel informs and transforms the way we lead does.
Our Church Planter Coaches spend 60 minute sessions, 1–2 times each month (more if necessary), examining the heart issues behind the challenges that face the pastor. The CP Coach will review past objectives, set clear goals, and cover it all in prayer.  We do this so that the church planter, God’s under-shepherd of His church will be “equipped for every good work.”

Effective church planters know they need a coach, so we make sure you connect with the right one. Our coaches are trained and certified by Church Multiplication Ministries & Redeemer City to City for the specific task of coaching church planters. Each of them are seasoned pastors and church planters and understand the unique reality of ministry in South Florida.

Coaching goes for about $200-300 a month however, we don't ever want money to stand in the way of your future success. Scholarships are available. We’ll even kick it off with a free coaching session to see if you’re a good fit with the coach we’re connecting you with.

So, ready to get that free coaching session, helping you better manage the tensions that Church Planters face? Fill out this form and let’s get started.

If you have more questions about coaching, please email Jesse Carbo at